Welcome to the hidden page!
This is "Boxy".
A ever-so-present character in all my notebooks since college. One I use to this day, as a kind of analog version of Apple's "Memojis".
If you're curious if I even bother to come up with a background story for a freaking cardboard box with a face on it. The answer is a nerdy YES!

Here’s the one-minute version:
“One night, a mysterious light pierced through the dark sky and crashed into an empty warehouse. A small creature with a strange shapeless body stood there for a few seconds, as if it was searching for something. Incredibly shy, he required a hollow object to infuse himself from within, to act as his protective shell. However, this was quite an unlucky place. And with no other option available, it infused itself into the only hollow object within reach: An empty cardboard box.”

And now he’s the expressive flying cardboard box inhabiting every empty space my pencil touches if my mind wanders for a bit.

Soon I plan to let him grow into his own independent character. But for now he travels in my sketchbooks.
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